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Latest Reviews

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Too many carrots / by Katy Hudson.
Author: Hudson, Katy.
Publisher: North Mankato, MN : Capstone Young Readers, [2016].
Review by: Yip, Li-Wen Mr  on: 27/04/2022 9:01:54 PM
Member Rating:
Oh no too manyy carrots! Carrots on the roof! Carrots at the front door! Carrots coming out of the letterbox! Mummy has too many carrots! Daddy has too many carrots! Everyone has too many carrots! I am obsessed with this book and make my parents read it to me several times every day Alfred 2yo
Cover Image
The blue sock / written by Gillian Spiller ; illustrated by John Lim.
Author: Spiller, Gillian. -- Lim, John.
Publisher: Singapore : Marshall Cavendish Children, [2019] -- ©2019.
Review by: Yip, Li-Wen Mr  on: 27/04/2022 8:58:40 PM
Member Rating:
I love this book. I make my daddy read it to me every day sometimes several times per day. Alfred 2yo
Cover Image
Guadalcanal : World War II's fiercest naval campaign.
Author: Stewart, Adrian.
Publisher: London : Kimber, 1985.
Review by: eric78  on: 13/01/2022 12:06:35 PM
Member Rating:
An excellent introduction to the Guadalcanal Campaign in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. This work covers the crucial naval battles the Marine's war on Guadalcanal itself as well as the contributions of coast watchers & the wider tacticalstrategic elements in this critical first long term engagement of Japanese & Allied forces.
Cover Image
The first team and the Guadalcanal campaign : naval fighter combat from August to November 1942 / John B. Lundstrom.
Author: Lundstrom, John B. -- United States. Navy -- Aviation -- History.
Publisher: Annapolis, Md. : Naval Institute Press, 2005.
Review by: eric78  on: 13/01/2022 11:59:52 AM
Member Rating:
An in-depth but highly engaging exploration of US & Allied naval air combat through the Guadalcanal Campaign the first long term engagement of Japanese & predominantly US forces in the Pacific Theatre. Tying in the wider naval war outside of carrier operations the coast watchers scattered through the Solomon Islands the Marine's war on Guadalcanal the supporting elements of wider island chains and the combat experiences of pilots from both sides this is a compelling historical work documenting the critical see-sawing battle for supremacy between highly experienced & efficient Japanese combat forces & relatively fresh Allied forces still reeling from the crushing attack on Pearl Harbour despite successes at Midway & the Coral Sea.
Cover Image
Conflict over the Bay.
Author: Franks, Norman L. R. (Norman Leslie Robert), 1940-
Publisher: London : Kimber, 1986.
Review by: eric78  on: 13/01/2022 11:49:21 AM
Member Rating:
A lot has been written about the U-Boat war in the Atlantic however the critical air campaign against the German raiders at their source as they transited in and out of the Bay of Biscay in 1943 is essential to understanding the wider naval war.
Flying a mixture of bombers & flying boats out of Southern England Allied aircrews faced heavy resistance from German defenders out of Southern France as well as the complexity of the 'neutral' Spanish coastline & fisherman.
Incorporating memoirs & interviews of Allied aircrew who participated in the campaign this is an intriguing tactical & strategic corner of the war which impacted significantly on wider developments as WWII progressed.
Cover Image
With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa / E.B. Sledge.
Author: Sledge, E. B. (Eugene Bondurant), 1923- -- Sledge, E. B. (Eugene Bondurant), 1923- -- United States. Marine Corps -- History -- World War, 1939-1945. -- United States. Marine Corps -- Biography.
Publisher: New York : Presidio Press, c2007.
Review by: eric78  on: 17/08/2021 11:04:32 PM
Member Rating:
One of the most viscerally intense books I have read about WW2 or any war! Sledge give the straight dope. Combat described in all it's exquisitely gruesome detail. Presenting the often forgotten minutiae of war such as going to the toilet under heavy shell fire slinging your own ammunition and living amongst filth gore & vermin all in extremes of weather and human endurance. Nothing here but the brutal stripped down reality of war against the Japanese in the Pacific campaign.
Cover Image
The ridge and the river.
Author: Hungerford, T. A. G. (Thomas Arthur Guy), 1915-
Publisher: Sydney : Angus & Robertson, 1952.
Review by: eric78  on: 29/07/2021 7:49:45 PM
Member Rating:
Empathetic immersive & powerful. Hungerford's historical fiction written based on his WWII experiences is authoritative & authentic. This book and his later work 'The Sowers of the Wind' are both works of great depth with an eye for social issues as well as giving an intense feel of the time & place. I would suggest his works for anyone interested in the experiences of Australian soldiers in the Pacific War as well as the post-war occupation of Japan.
Cover Image
Poseidon's wake / Alastair Reynolds.
Author: Reynolds, Alastair.
Publisher: London : Gollancz, 2015.
Review by: eric78  on: 7/07/2021 6:28:09 PM
Member Rating:
The 'Poseidon's Children' trilogy resolves spectacularly in this intricately developed speculative future of Reynolds artful weaving. Drawing together the threads of the generational style he used in this trilogy the author takes us on a thrilling ride into deep space. There and back again...
Cover Image
On the steel breeze / Alastair Reynolds.
Author: Reynolds, Alastair.
Publisher: London : Gollancz, 2013.
Review by: eric78  on: 7/07/2021 6:23:27 PM
Member Rating:
Reynolds continues the 'Poseidon's Children' trilogy in this stunning book which sees the generational development of characters from book 1 thrown deeper into uncharted space in pursuit of mysterious alien machine inteligences and explores ideas of the possible future interactions of humans and machines. Developing ideas of human genetic modification hybrid and animal intelligence the ebb & flow of technological development and our place in the cosmos Reynolds is a writer of immense ability in the science fiction space opera realm.
Cover Image
Blue remembered earth / by Alastair Reynolds.
Author: Reynolds, Alastair.
Publisher: London, UK Victor Gollancz Trade (UK) 2014. -- New York Ace Books, 2013.
Review by: eric78  on: 7/07/2021 6:15:50 PM
Member Rating:
Reynolds starts an absolutely brilliant trilogy in fine form with this book. Focussed on a future where humanity has colonised the greater part of our solar system and discovered mysteries which will lead us into deeper space and where evidence of non-human intelligence lies in wait. This book may be read as a stand alone novel for anyone daunted by the trilogy but this story is addictive!
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